Feeding Tube Care

What is Tube Feeding/Eternal Feed ?

Our body needs nutrition to stay strong and live a healthy life. If a patient is unable to eat, difficult to swallow or need nutritional supplementation when the intake by mouth is inadequate, tube feeding is advised to meet the nutritional requirement.

Tube feed is liquid form of nourishment delivered to your body through a specially designed flexible tube.

The nutrients within the feed are similar to what is available from normal food and also digested in the same way. The tube feed covers calories, protein, fat, fibers and all micronutrients required for the patient on daily basis.

The process of feeding through a tube is called gavage or enteral feeding. Depending on the need of tube feeding, it may be kept for weeks or months. The tube feeding is then gradually weaned off and the tube removed once the disease condition improves and patient is able to swallow adequate liquid or semisolid food.

In some cases, tube feeding may be required for a very long period or for life. Having a feeding tube means learning new skills and adopting new routines.

Key Components

Indications Needing Tube Feed: 

Tube Feed Programme

1. Care of Patient on Tube Feed

2. Care Of The Tube:

3. Feeding Procedure:

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